Closer Than Ever 2009



“Sex In The City” meets “Friends” with a whole lot of Broadway sass!

With music and lyrics from the Tony Award winning team Richard Maltby Jr and David Shire, comes a tour de force for four actors and pianist in the form of their 1989 hit Closer Than Ever. This revue takes its audience on a journey of love, loss, life and the pursuit of happiness in the form of musical vignettes, all totally self contained in their storytelling. Many shows have followed using the same structure; songs used to tell the stories of many characters, all focused on a particular thought or theme (some examples include Songs For A New World and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change) What sets Closer Than Ever apart is the dynamic way that its driving emotive score and thought provoking lyrics create an immediate intimacy between the performers and their audience. It’s engaging, it’s exciting, it’s touching, it’s joyful and it’s coming to BRISBANE!

Quotes from the New York Times

“This song team seeks places in the heart”

“Any show whose characters are this interestingly alive feels like home”

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the themes of this modern musical revue are still touching, relevant and exciting – still CLOSER THAN EVER!

The Mirthful Team talk about CLOSER THAN EVER:

ROZ PAPPALARDO (Women in Docs, Roz Pappalardo and the Wayward Gentlemen),
TONY CAMPBELL (Cabaret entrepreneur),
MIRANDA SELWOOD (Mirthful Productions’ Founder)
MATT FENNELL (Simon Gallaher’s The Mikado),
JAMES DOBINSON (Warehaus Theatre Co Founder, Broadway credits).

Want to know more about the Who’s Who of the show? Click to view CTE Artist Bios


“For Mirthful’s first production, Closer Than Ever was a great choice. A small cast with a mix of colourful songs that certainly showed the talent of each cast member.”

“It has been some time since I last visited the theatre and I’m sure I’ll be along a lot more frequently now. The singing was wonderful and I am particularly glad you found a great pianist. Congratulations”

“It was an incredibly slick show”

“Thank You to the cast for a great night, it was an engaging performance. We especially loved Miss Byrd!”

“All very different performers, but somehow you all compliment each other perfectly. The pianist is clearly amazing, it was a pleasant surprise to hear him sing too, great song”

“Roz (Pappalardo) is special, really special”

“What an incredible show by some incredibly talented singers! Thanks for a great night out and congratulations”


CLICK TO VIEW THE CTE Technical Description

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