Mirthful Productions is an independent musical theatre company, producing charitable and co-op projects.

Founded by Miranda Selwood, the company was formed for the production of CLOSER THAN EVER in 2009, a personal project co-produced with the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

A Mirthful Message:

Mirthful Productions aims to bridge the gap between training and that giant leap into professional theatre by offering opportunities for Brisbane artists to create work for themselves through co-operative productions.

Mirthful focuses primarily on musical theatre – a genre of entertainment which can bring depth and meaning to the stage among a gleeful blend of sequins and tap-breaks! In an era which is becoming more and more like the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s, I very much long to see a resurgence of the Golden Era of the Musical which had occurred on Broadway at that same time. Musicals which provided delightful escapism served an important social purpose and often managed to deliver subtle political comment simultaneous to bringing much needed smiles and hope.

Intrigued by the definition of the word Mirth: “spontaneous amusement or gaiety, manifested briefly in laughter,” I began to see that it embodied the spirit with which I wanted the company to move forward. The name reflects the positive, joyful attitude I hope to share with the company and our audiences.

Such a positive philosophy is bound to be reflected in the joyful nature of our productions and we look forward to sharing it with you time and time again.

May the blessings of our patron saints, Dionysus and Ariadne, fill your life with Mirth!

Miranda Selwood – Founder

A Mirthful Mission Statement:

Mirthful Productions shall support local artists, allowing them to create work and income through a co-operative profit-share company. We shall provide the opportunity of experience to young trained artists, emerging professional artists, semi-professional artists and all those willing to devote their passion and skills to our cause. We shall produce quality artistic works of music theatre in varied styles. We shall endeavour to produce works that are interestingly envisioned, rarely performed and/or new to the stage; and above all, Mirthful. We shall endeavour to encourage and support theatrical enterprise, adopting an open communication and cooperation with any and all companies, groups and personalities who create theatre in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. We shall work with joy, positive energy, respect and honesty.

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